Natural Language Survey

Your insights and opinions are very important to us as we strive to design solutions that are beneficial to Healthcare Professionals. We understand that clinicians need a vast amount of information throughout the day and night to care for their patients. We presume that you may ask a colleague or search various hospital systems for information or an update on a patient.
We would like to understand your thought process and language or terminology used as you are doing this. As you read each question below, please record the first few thoughts that come to mind.

Please take the survey on your mobile device and allow microphone access.
If you are using an iPhone (iOS), please use the Safari browser. The Chrome browser may be used for all other operating systems.
If an error regarding cookies is shown, try enabling it by using the following instructions.
For questions requesting verbal queries, use the microphone icon to record your entry. For questions requesting information you might enter in an open search field, text into the answer fields on your mobile device. For each question you have opportunity to enter 3 answers, please share three responses when possible.